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Terms of Service

We advice that you consider this document with high importance when deciding whether to use or not the services offered by Read it with utmost understanding for your guidance.

The enumerated items below are the terms of service, which will allow you to have access and usage of the services that offers. Amendment and modification of these terms are at the discretion of, which will post the changes at the site. The effectiveness of the amendment and modification shall commence at the time of posting, unless otherwise stated.


To be able to enjoy the services that offers you MUST be:
A legal entity  an artificial entity, such as an incorporated organization, that the law treats for some legal purposes as if it were a true person, or; An individual aging NOT less than 18 (eighteen) years of age that may form and perform legally binding contracts under applicable laws. has the absolute discretion in refusing applications, suspending and terminating services to anyone.


Every interested member of is required to register for an account in the site. All information provided at the registration form and all other forms that prompts must be accurate, true, and complete. Updates are must be done to maintain its accurateness, truthfulness, and completeness.

A registered user must agree to:

  • Abide to these terms of service stated and all procedures, processes, guidelines, and instructions that displays on this site.
  • Be financially capable and responsible to settle all transactions in using the site of and the purchase and delivery all services.
  • Perform all obligations of all accepted Projects in accordance with the project agreement, unless applicable laws and’s terms of service prohibit the said obligations.


Upon registration, you will be inquired to choose a username and password of your own choice for the account. You, as a registered user of, agree and solely responsible for the maintenance and safeguarding of the confidentiality of your chosen username and password which are used to access the website of In line with this, you authorize us,, to directly assume that any person who access using your username and password is you or an authorized person by you. If you suspect any unauthorized usage of your account, please notify us as soon as possible so that immediate action may be done.

Once an application for registration is accepted, will create an account for the user that is identified with a corresponding account number. The user may update the profile under the account from time to time; however, no individual is allowed to have multiple accounts on except as one Employer (user) and one Freelancer (provider), unless they have gained authorization from staff.

Any individual found guilty of creating unauthorized multiple accounts for reasons such as avoidance of bad reviews, fees, suspensions or other limitations, will automatically be suspended and thereby, terminating its account at We also prohibit any transfer of ownership of an account in all circumstances and without the authorization from staff.

We encourage you to login from time to time because we will deactivate all accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months and will deduct all the remaining funds.


There are several membership options that offers to you. Availability of the said membership options depends on the following:

The status of the registered user whether as a Freelancer (provider) or Employer (user);
Registration selections you personally made; and Upgrades and downgrades subsequently done after your registration.

SUSPENSION, CANCELLATION, OR TERMINATION OF ACCOUNT reserves all the right in terminating any account of a member once judges that a transaction or transactions of a member violates the Terms of Service. We will terminate any account that we believe creates problems, engages in fraudulent transactions, immoral, or illegal transactions, infringes someone else intellectual property, or other transactions or activities similar to the one stated above.

When a member is found in violation of the Terms of Service, the account is immediately deactivated. No prior notice is required. The member will not receive any payment or credit from, unless, the termination is not due to any violation of the Terms of Service.


All project details are between the Employer and the Freelancer. Upon awarding the project to a Freelancer, the Employer thereby agrees to purchase the work of the Freelancer and thereby paying it as what the two parties have agreed upon. On the other hand, the Freelancer thereby agrees to deliver the service accordingly with the following:

  • Detailed guidelines that were mutually agreed upon by the Employer and Freelancer which may include but not limited to the following: bid price, project description, and other necessary agreements
  • Terms of Service
  • Any other provisions uploaded to the website of that both the Employer and Freelancer have agreed upon provided they are not inconsistent with the Terms of Service

All transactions and activities that are not congruent to the Terms of Service that came upon are void.


The site of serves as a virtual marketplace where we connect the buyers and professional providers so that they may meet each other’s needs. We will facilitate neutrally in the transactions performed by the member and we do not directly participate and involve in the activities of the members and other users.

Generally, is not the party that the member is contracting its transactions with, therefore, we have no control over and thereby do not guarantee the quality, legality, safety, and completeness of all services performed and delivered by a Freelancer member, truthfulness and accuracy of posted projects, qualifications, background, abilities, or capabilities of every Registered member, the integrity of Freelancer members in delivering every project, the capability of Employer member to pay for the contracted services, or that both the Employer and Freelancer will and may be able to complete a certain project. We are not responsible or involved in the manner of hiring, termination, discipline or working terms of the Freelancer. It is between the Employer and Freelancer to deliver the contract with all its rights and obligations for the purchase and sale of services delivered as part of a completed contract.

Tools or materials for the completion of a project will not be provided. It is the full responsibility of the Freelancer and Employer to provide for their selves the needed resources.'s reputation, value, goodwill and marketability greatly depends on the performance of every contracts completed by the two parties which are in accordance to the agreements they have mutually set forth before the commencement of the project and as part of their project agreement. Therefore, our role is a third-party beneficiary, providing them a market, working environment, and opportunities where both the Employer and Freelancer meet each other’s needs. In order to provide you our services and also to protect the value, safety and integrity of, we have the right to take necessary actions with regards to project agreements and accounts, which includes but not limited to termination, suspension, limitation, or any other legal steps that deemed necessary.


A summary of's fees and charges which can be found with this site are set forth for your guidance. “US dollars” is the assessing currency or denomination thereby making and displaying your account and all transactions in this currency unless otherwise stated. We earn through the fees in creating, hosting, maintaining, and providing the site, as well as all other services we deliver for your convenience. Fees also cover expenses and fees charged by banks, credit card companies, PayPal, and other payment processing entities to The remaining payment amount is then transferred to the Freelancer's account after the deduction of such amounts.

The following are transactions and activities where charges fees: charges fees on transactions or activities, such as:

  • Posting a project
  • Selection of Freelancer
  • Hiding a project from search engines
  • Hiding bids from other members
  • Posting a full time project
  • Project commission fees

Other miscellaneous fees that are stated depend upon this site. There are also other various and several membership programs that a member may subscribe and participate. This also will incur additional fees.

We reserve the right to amend on all the fees that charges at any time with our sole discretion provided we post a reasonable notice in advance or before its effective date here in the site. We do not make refunds on all payments given. If ever there are circumstances that we have to cancel a membership due to violation of the Terms of Service, the membership fee already paid will not be refunded.


Once requested by the member we make payments or withdrawals for them provided that there account balance is equal to or more than $ 30 (thirty US dollars). We will verify all deposits and we may also ask you to verify your account. We do not receive any verification information through E-mail, Fax or Phone, we, in our discretion and judgment may refund the payment and terminate your account. Novice members may not withdraw their funds within 90 (ninety) days from their first project payment. If ever suspects that source of funds is a fraudulent one, we reserve the right to suspend the withdrawal. Reversal of the withdrawal will be immediately made once we found out of this fraudulent transaction. However, if payment has already been made we request the member to return the funds to or the member will face the consequence of termination. is not held liable for the reversal of deposits that is without authorization to the following reasons; however, not limited to, complaints, fraud, and charge backs.


Complains to payment processor, such as PayPal, with regards to the deposited funds may not be done by the member. We assure you that staffs will do its best to help the member in resolving any problem that may come its way. If we see it necessary, we will process refunds, however, it is under the discretion of staffs to approve such. will provide for you a project dispute system whenever you need help and assistance from our end. Still, we reserve the right to use our own discretion in our decision-making and we consider our decision as final. A proportionate fee will be charge if the member requests that a closed dispute case be reopened. However, if the case is more than 30 (thirty) days from the project’s closing date or delivery date; whichever comes later, we will not open all dispute and cancellation cases.


We disallow any posting of copyright material in, however, we allow posting of portions of articles or scripts as samples. When we say “portion”, we mean not more than 10% of the contents. This is for the protection of the author’s rights. We also do not put up with projects that are clearly requests unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted or patented material.

REPRESENTATIONS reserves the right to assume that all members represent, warrant and agree:

  • To be fully responsible for any usage of your account, may it be authorized or not.
  • Use account, username, or password of any member with its full authorization.
  • To disallow any unauthorized person to have access on your account anytime.
  • Keep the confidentiality of the site’s data by not intercepting or expropriating any system, data, or any personal information of and from the site.
  • Protect the site by not using any device or software, such as viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, and worms that may damage or interfere with any transaction and activity done within the site.

That it has the right to enter any transactions that are allowed by the’s Terms of Service.

  • The intention of using the services of is for the purpose of entering in to legal business activities or transactions with other members.
  • The use of’s site is not intended to mislead or defraud, any member, or user.
  • The usage of the site will not violate any governing international law or treaty.


We thank you for the opportunity to serve you. The team is hopeful for a more mutual and successful business transactions with you.